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"I had the amazing opportunity to shoot for Musicians On Call, a music therapy volunteer group, and follow Darren Criss (of Glee) while he did some bedside serenading at the UCLA Children’s Hospital.

I did my senior project in high school on music therapy and as someone who grew up playing and studying music, I know the impact that it can have on an individual and their feelings. It was totally great learning about Musicians On Call and hearing about the wonderful things they are doing in the world of music therapy with those who are hospitalized. It was even better seeing it in action! Darren is such a character – it was so much fun watching him interact with the kids and incorporate their names and interests into songs so they could really relate to the music and to him. All the kids seemed to have a lot of fun – there were tons of smiles and some singing. You really could tell that it lifted the spirits of the whole ward, doctors and nurses included.”

—Sylvia Gunde

“I was fighting a bear in Canada. I was on the verge of death and looked him straight in the eye, and the bear took pity on me before I took my last breath. “Is there anything you want before you die I’m a bear of honor,” he asked. And I said, “I really want to go out for Glee.” And he said, “it just so happens I know the casting director, I’ll get you over there right now. But I’m going to kill you if you don’t get it.” So I went into the casting office, and I said, “I really want to do this part, and if I don’t get it, the bear’s going to kill me.” So they gave me this part. And the bear let me live. And now he’s a good friend of mine and a big fan of the show."

— Darren Criss on how he got the part on Glee. Source (x)

robynmacy: He came over and said our family’s dancing was freaking awesome…so we let him get a selfie with us. [October 18th, 2014]

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Anonymous asked:
have you ever been to Hungary? if not, are you planning? if yes, when and what have you seen? :) (and I know you are not Darren, but actually I would like to know!)

Lol I’m glad you clarified, I get a lot of messages from people who think I’m Darren! Thanks for the question, I’m flattered when people want to know about me. :) I have not been to Hungary but I’d love to! I was about 5 hours away from Hungary when I was in Ternopil, Ukraine though. I REALLY want to visit Europe again, it’s #1 on bucket list!

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