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My first accident, fortunately no one was hurt. My right tire blew and I was on ice so I lost control and got hit by an oncoming car. I still can’t believe this happened. I just got some minor cuts and bruises and the guy that hit me is totally fine fortunately. I’m hoping my car is fixable but I’m not going to get my hopes up.

  1. oraclewendybird said: *massive hugs*
  2. criss-squared said: Holy shit honey. I’m so glad you’re OK. As someone that has been hit several times in bad accidents, take it easy on yourself the next few days. Pay attention to any new soreness. It can take a day or two for soft tissue injuries to show up.
  3. be-anything-but-ordinary said: IM SO GLAD YOU’RE OKAY. :( about your car though! fingers crossed.
  4. blaindersonkummel said: Oh no, I am so sorry you had to experience that! So lucky that you’re all okay though. Sending lots of love anyway. I understand how traumatic it can be, even if you aren’t physically injured x
  5. midlifecrisses said: So glad you are all right.
  6. winstonngraham said: oh my gosh, yikes! glad to hear everyone is okay tho
  7. happy-go-lucky-ferret said: Atleast you’re ok!!
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  10. kirabella said: I’m really glad you’re okay though
  11. gleekmom said: Oh my goodness, so glad everyone is okay!
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  13. nightingale63 said: yipes, that does look ugly. Courage! and heal well!
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  16. amandaforeverpanda said: Glad you’re okay!!
  17. andwhentheworldisspinning said: Oh no! That’s so scary. So glad to hear you’re okay.
  18. crissgilmore said: oh noooo!!! I’m glad you’re okay, but so scary!! stupid winter :(
  19. blueeyesandliterature said: I’m so glad you’re okay, but it looks like your car may be totaled. I remember my first accident and it’s really scary!
  20. darriness said: Wow! I’m glad you’re okay! That looks scary :S
  21. samihiggins said: OMG! Are you okay??? Holy cow, that looks bad! I’m so glad you made it out okay, I’m sorry you had to have that happen. *BIG HUGS* I’ve had a couple really bad accidents, if you want to talk about it.
  22. sometimesimashley said: I’m glad you’re okay, dear!
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