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What A Wonderful World - Darren Criss - Live at EMAs (mp3)

Darren Criss ‘The Ali Song’ (x)

Download. (x) album art by Glee-covers.

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Darren Criss cover of ‘Genie in a Bottle’

This is an unfinished project that’s been sitting in my drafts since last year. It’s my attempt to recreate the alternative version (or Ghetto as Darren called it) of Darren’s Human EP. He recorded and sold it only at AVPS and the Troubadour. The songs aren’t as finished sounding as the ones you can buy on iTunes, but I really like them. I know for a fact that Don’t You and Another Love Affair are from the ‘Ghetto’ album. Sami, Not Alone, and This Jealousy are alternative versions of the songs that I found but couldn’t confirm if they’re from the ‘Ghetto’ album or not. Also I couldn’t find an alternative ‘Human’. I’m posting it anyways because people have asked me to. So enjoy! :)


Human (Ghetto Version)

1. Don’t You

2. Not Alone

3. Sami

4. This Jealousy

5. New Song Interlude (Another Love Affair)


Why are these songs different than his Human EP? Answer here.

Original Album artwork here.

Darren Criss performs “Do You Remember?” at Pasek & Paul’s Dogfight CD Release Party. (Download mp3) (Source)

Moondance - Darren Criss - PS Arts 2013 (mp3)

(audio courtesy of catastropheofmypersonality who was nice enough to let me post this)

Darren Criss’s Alan Menken musical tribute w/ & Lea Salonga


-Whole song

-Just the medley

-Just A Whole New World

This Jealousy (Practice Take)

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